Suicide Letter

Crucifix Silhouetted Against Dark Skies

Suicide Letter

Today I think I’ll knock myself off
A spiritual hit, if you will
Beat myself on a daily basis
The carnal me I must kill
I’ll grab me by the throat
And take me out back for a dance
Maybe I’ll beat me within an inch of my life
And then deny me a last chance
I’ll gouge out my eyes for looking
And smash my hands with a rock
I’ll have to do this daily
And every day I’ll go into shock
I am Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A tug of war in my soul
The things I don’t want to do, I do
And the things I want to do I hold
One of these days I’ll kill me
a death that will remain
Until then I’ll kill me daily
Until I hear my new name
To the cross with you old man
Why should Jesus be the only one to die
Get the nails and hammer ready
Again it’s time to nail this guy
Beaten flesh won’t stay beaten
It must be beat every day
It seems that the flesh heals in the darkness
And then fights you throughout the day
Take me to the cross and teach me
How to kill this flesh of mine
Like the thief on your right please save me
Help me carry this cross of mine

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”

Now Available for Purchase $13.95 At:
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © John Nakata/Corbis

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