Writer Highlight Featuring: Charlene Elson-Gustard


Writer Highlight Featuring: Charlene Elson-Gustard


I stepped proudly onto the landing, laughing and a little out of breath.
Happiest day of my life! Now on to becoming a woman. A mother. A wife. Getting up those steps was hard. Not the act of it, but the wait. The restraining reprimands to slow down. You know how kids anticipate! Finally, I was here! Smiling broadly, I clutched my years tightly about me. Free! Without permission or curfew. I had left my childhood behind. I had paid my due. I turned, lifted my hands to wave goodbye and froze…

They were hastily waving goodbye too. Brother and sisters alike. Neighborly playmates disappeared before them, into a cold unfamiliar night. Playtime toys abandoned and broken. Childhood haunts silent and utterly forsaken. Memory stood alone, muted, on the threshold of being grown. And I cried. Unable to return to the pleasurable past that time padlocked, but reluctant to say goodbye. I turned on the sun and courageously faced the dark, never once glancing back to watch my childhood die.

© Charlene Elson-Gustard

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 30, 2015

Photo Credit: http://exquisitedistraction.deviantart.com/

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  1. The word choice used here is beautiful. And the story a bit sad waving goodbye to childhood. But its something we all do and dare to be great on our own.


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