Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo

Kameni svati 108

Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo


In the old attic of dreams forgotten &
yesterday´s plans,
Of finding old books & lace that turns
to dust in my hands,
Disintegrating memories of lives lived, now
dead & gone,
Of childhood, dancers & thespians &
of singer´s lost song,
Raiment patched by mother, Gran´s scarf
with love knitted,
Old fancy-dress silks, Roman helmets, in
games to be kitted,
Musty scents, smells of old perfumes, the
dead fingered dust,
Sun tiptoeing in fearfully, showing bronze
tarnished & old rust.
On the echoes of floorboards, the stamping
of Alhambra´s Ole,
Now, castanets cruelly silenced & old
feet, no longer at play,
I spy in the corner, boots of cracked
leather & laces well frayed,
Soles, by day toiling hard land, at night
they dancingly swayed,
Where are those far away feet, of those
busy lives well lived?
Gone now to heaven & dust, passed,
buried, truly well sieved,
Those old feet in old boots, now dancing
all sins cleansed away,
Leaving in my attic, just the whispered
echoing of cheered Ole’.


Response to our Inspiration Call on January 12th 2015

Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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