You Say –
“The violin does not shed tears,
But sings melodious songs”.

On the day of my return
From your native land
Leaving you alone
Prior to our separation
You took out your violin
And began to play.

Perhaps you wanted
To play better than before
To play the best ever
About to be torn in two by time,
You wanted to forget
The impending wound of your heart and its pain.

I was experiencing
The continuous sobbing of the violin
And, falling drop by drop
On my heart
The tears of your eyes.

You Say –
“The violin does not shed tears,
But sings melodious songs”.

© Bhisma Upreti – Translated by: Shashi Bhandary

Published by Creative Talents Unleashed

Meet the Author: Born in Jhapa, Nepal, Bhisma Upreti has published 6 books of poetry and 8 books of essays. His works have been translated into English, Korean, Japanese, German, Serbian, Slovenian and Hindi. His works have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies including Grey Sparrow, The Enthusiast, PEN Point, Our Voices, Indo-Asian Literature, The Art of Being Human, The Skeleton, Lost Coast Review, Aan Harbour and other Nepali Literary Journals and magazines. He is the recipient of First prize in National Poetry Festival organized by Nepal Academy of Literature. He is a joint secretary of Nepal Chapter of PEN International.

Upreti got his Masters degree in Economics from the University of Southampton, UK. Upreti lives in Kathmandu with his family and works at Central Bank of Nepal.

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  1. This is very interesting and worthy book to read. Those who have enormous feelings and respect for love can enjoy a lot reading this anthology of love poems.


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