X, Faded Dream


Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

X, Faded Dream

There was once a time when I loved a girl with all my heart, but the fire burned out. I never stopped loving her and still think of the dream I once had. She was everything I imagined the girl of my dreams would be; she was the love of my life.

I now sit here in my loneliness wondering if she is at least happy. I love her so much that I would rather not be with her if she was unhappy with me. I love her so much that I would rather her find someone else as long as she is happy. Sometimes when you love someone, you just need to learn to let go and let god.

I wonder what could have been, but now I’m determined never to love again; because if I were to love again, the next girl would only have half my heart and she deserves so much more. Loneliness and despair is now my fate, and I will always wonder if the love of my life is at least happy.

Somewhere within the stars, my love is out there. I love you my dove, wherever you are, know that you shall always have my heart. My dream of passion has turned into a faded dream, but hopefully, you still have yours.

© Isaiah Barber

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