American Gangster


Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes

American Gangster

Flossing and profiling with their shiny suits
Smooth operators selling strange fruits
Armed with lawyers and a thick wallet
To vast real estate properties and a sexy starlet
Pinky and the brain mentality in wanting to take over the world
While spreading lies and various propagandas to every boy and girl
For how long will the veil conceal the true intentions?
Gobbling each of their words that are full of false pretensions
Follow their own rules while changing them accordingly
Slowly liquidating the world starting with you and me
Advantageous over social ills
Taking what little is left to pay one’s expense bills
The truth will reveal itself layer by layer
When it comes to global monopoly, I am not a player

© Lindsey F. Rhodes

Photo Credit: Royalty Free Photo from MorgueFile

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