Romance Fever


Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences”

Romance Fever

One full moon night your pristine innocence,
Was glistened even more by your moon-lit presence

The late-night breeze was flirting all around us,
My sleepy eye-lids were dreaming of your ravishing tresses.

You, in your calm melody,
Love entering ecstatic flight,
The gleam of your face confined me in the sparkling twilight.

Drizzling with teary joy,
You intensely crossed the horizons of my soul.
The lightning, charging up the clouds is her only goal.

My approaching arms tended to catch the little time,
Mesmerized am I, all over,
Just like a soft- romantic rhyme

THEN . . .

That seemingly eternal night transformed into a foggy dawn, I woke blushing and found you nowhere around.
The sunrays struck my eyes out of the blue and I started to quiver, and I contemplated and realized you were just a dream, and this past night, I suffered the “Romance Fever”

© Hrishikesh Padhye

Photo Credit: Royalty Free Photo from MorgueFile

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