Count Me Down by Glenda Higgins

Count me down

To lift off

Pen in hand

I’m ready


To hear the lily pads

In ponds at the dawn

Receiving signals

Bounced off the moon


From the stars

While frogs croak the count

And blink wise eyes

And blue herons whisper


Into cattails

Secret microphones

To the sea

Where whales wait


Note pads in hand

To get it right

Blowing off steam

In the light


© Glenda Higgins

Glenda Higgins

Excerpt from the book “Poetry in Motion”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Glenda Higgins

About the Author 

Glenda spent her early work in libraries – ten years in various positions, including cataloguing, which launched her on a favorite pastime of reading everything under the sun.

 Her start as a poet surprised her. She took a poetry-writing course. Two hundred poems wrote themselves in a furious manner, in two weeks.  This led to performing poetry in cafes and on the radio and about three hundred more poems.

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