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Wig and nail shops profit soar in the hood

Fancy car rims profit hold steady in the hood

Gun shops profit through the roof in the hood

Fake Muslim liquor jumping off the shelves in the hood

God’s churches like fast food chains in the hood

Mortuary profits still a sound investment in the hood


The war on us for moving their drugs ongoing in the hood

Still no stimulus in the hood

No leaders in the hood

No love


Just the sound . . .

The awful breaking sound

© Demitri Tyler


Excerpt from the book “Measuring For Balance”


About the Author

Writer, orator and activist, Demitri the poet with the Greek name that if translated would read “dedicated to, follower of Mother Earth,” is a rising voice out of San Francisco planting words of wisdom as if seeds beneath the flesh. His talents as a rapper formed his early years gaining him recognition as mc to watch in underground circles with performances at the Upper Room the cities hottest poetry/rap venue at the time as well as his activism in and around the community and state college campuses.

Family tragedy and the realities of life caused this man to hang up his music career and vanish for over ten years but it was time well spent for out of the darkness has emerged a streaking comet who has made the transition from rap to poetry look seamless.

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