Inspiration Call: – Unsent Letters


Inspiration Call: – Unsent Letters – The purpose of the unsent letter is to discover what impetus motivated it – which you may not know at the beginning – and decide what you need to do next, having discovered the impetus. You may, for example, need to change some aspect of your active life. You may decide to use the unsent letter as the basis for a letter that you do send. You may discover unsent letters are excellent ways to finish business with people and events that are no longer a part of your life.

Write an unsent letter – You don’t need to know everything you’re going to say. Allow the letter to ramble and develop in your usual style.

Writing tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest By: Christina Baldwin

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. I think of you everyday but today mind is occupied with thoughts of you and memories keep flashing through my mind. Your smile, the way you hug me, the million prayers we have said together, how after talking to you my heart is full of love, your kind words and how you always tell me how proud you are of me. I miss you so much that it brings tears to my eyes and even though you aren’t gone physically the disease is slowly stealing your mind and I’m so scared because I don’t want to lose you and the amazing mother and friend that you have always been to me. I am so grateful that you chose to adopt me and provided me with unconditional love and I hope to be that kind of mom too. You are such an amazing person, so sweet, kind, and giving without ever expecting anything in return. Your Christian values have guided me to the woman I now am and I pray every night to be better and do better. I pray that God watches over you and heals your body and mind so that you can enjoy the rest of your life and I can have you fully back in my life. I love you so much Mom!

    I hate Dementia and the way it continues to steal you from me!



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