I Am by Kesau’c N. Hill

I’m sable brown like the baobab tree,

literally, I’m “Qasasi”! My mother named

me “Poetry”, a life painter, I’m philosophy;

old strangers swear they know me so they

sent ancestors here to hold me

like my birth was something holy.


Artistically I get jazzed up like Coltrane or

Ellington, the struggles now are the struggles

then and you’d be amazed at the type of

shit I found myself in; then again, the struggles

then are, here again, now’s the same shit, man!


I am Spirit and imagination, like music painting

what I’m saying. calligraphic lost tribes dancing in

the sand, the real Benjamin, Ruben & Dan,

Moors who became captives in a strange land

are all my ingredients, I’m a made man.


Pull minerals from the depths of the sea & jewels

that only the gifted see, add fire, earth, animal

& trees, GOD made the physical makings of me;

HE blew the breath of something special in me,

like the love of a woman special to me, a whole

other level of me that only a beautified heart can see.


© Kesau’c N. Hill

Serengeti Noise

Excerpt from his book Serengeti Noise

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16797883_740202076158170_3350406013219101455_oAbout the Author

Kesau’c N. Hill is an ex-gang member who, at the age of sixteen, was convicted of murder and sentenced to serve 15-years to Life in the California Department of Corrections. Fighting became a lifestyle that would accompany the gang world deathstyle. However, he would soon be mentored by an English teacher named John Murphy who saw past his tough guy exterior into something explosively creative.

He introduced him to the art of poetry and the power of the spoken word. He’d use that power to his advantage when his life serving Life became too difficult to bear. By defiantly writing poetry all over his prison cell walls “meaning” and “Passion” was discovered, hope and a sound vision was realized. Quite literally, poetry saved his life.

Visit Kesau’c Hill’s Author Page At www.ctupublishinggroup.com/kesau-c-n.-hill.html

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