Meditation by Debra McLain


A long day lies behind me.

My spirit holds onto hope,

grasping for a life raft

in an ocean of chaos.


My soul yearns for serenity.

Knowing there is peace,

hiding in the valleys

of my mind.


The angels surround me.

Enveloping me in wings;

protecting me

from forces unseen.


Breathing in deeply,

my lungs inhale


on a warm summer day.


A waterfall flows beside me;

washing away

the dirty soil

of an overused mind.


Sunlight shines brightly,

creating a spark

of energy

reigniting the flames of hope.


Love enters my body.

Pink rays dancing

and swaying to music

only I can hear.

My soul is set free.

Life is but a canvas,

the paintbrush

is in my mind.


© Debra McLain


Excerpt from the book “To Conquer Or Die Trying”

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Debra McLain

About the Author

Debra McLain resides in California. She is a mother to two daughters and three granddaughters. She works in agriculture, although her passion is in writing. Her dream is to publish a best seller regarding her twenty-eight year battle with an eating disorder and the spiritual awakening that followed.

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