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Melancholy’s Autograph is a collection of short poems written by author Sarah Lamar King. Her feelings bleed upon the page in shades of red, blue, and black. One of the poems, “Mirror,” is interesting because all eight lines rhyme. Other poems like “Refugee” contain profound words like “Tears reveal what the heart can’t speak.” “Trial” will make you think: “To feel everything. And nothing. Simultaneously.” Throughout the book, you’ll find yourself wondering if the author is lamenting the death of a loved one, a breakup, a disease, and you probably won’t be sure which life-altering event she is experiencing. How can she escape it? The book contains elegiac poetry, which laments or refers to someone that’s gone or something that is missing. It could be a person who’s died, a relationship ended, a time in the past, or the author is lamenting a loss. It may be good medicine for both the author and the reader.



Melancholy’s Autograph is an interesting compilation of poetry and thoughts by Sarah Lamar King. “What is This Prison?” asks questions that many have asked when someone develops an illness. The answers are provided at the back of the book. The author pours her emotions out onto the pages using dark colors, but sometimes, softer, muted tones. “What is she going through?” you’ll find yourself asking about the author’s state of mind. This book contains a selection of deep, thought-provoking poems that will make you turn the page to see more. Melancholy’s Autograph is a mystery, which makes you wonder about the meaning of the title and the message behind the words.

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Melancholy’s Autograph

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About the Author

Sarah began writing poetry in the 3rd grade, her first collection of poetry being called ‘Poems Galore’. There were several times throughout life when she had to stop writing, times when she was silenced by life, was void of feeling, or felt too much to put anything on paper.

She finds solace in the elegiac poetry that she writes today. She began sharing some of her pieces on social media and realized how much feeling her poetry brought about in others, her ultimate goal. Sarah has always wanted to be an author and thanks to Creative Talents Unleashed and their publishing contract it was brought to fruition.

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