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Author Jeffery Martin has written 10 books and contributed poetry to 7 anthologies. “Weapon of Choice” won the 2008 New Jersey Beach Book Festival ‘Best Book of Poetry’ and honorable mention in both the New York Book Festival and London Book Festival. Mr. Martin, a storyteller, has also used stories to inspire classrooms and youth groups in both New York and California. While living in Rochester New York he founded the BEHOLD Theater group (he hopes to kick start this again) which introduced to youth to various disciplines within the arts, ranging from Poetry to Fencing. Recently retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District he plans on taking poetry, drumming and storytelling on the road to reach a broader audience. He is currently writing a film script with hopes of releasing it sometime in 2018. His most recent book is “Jus Sayin ” released in June 2017 is a myriad of thoughts he has shared over social media over the past few years.

Jeffery’s Books

Weapon of ChoiceBook Description: Aptly titled, “Weapon of Choice,” is a poetic, yet philosophical compilation of prose by motivational author and speaker, Jeffery Martin.

This book is anything but pretentious. It speaks to real human struggle, to political truths, to religious exploitations, seasoned with gratitude and tender words of love. Above all, it screams truth.

Martin has used his words, with the belief that the calling of a true poet should move readers to positive change and compassion, instilling a call to action in every person that has tasted the disparity that is.

“But we are supposed to believe in this God, you have molded into you own image” (taken from ‘Speaking for God?’)

I was struck by this play on words, which explained succinctly the religious malaise that has become the norm.  The author has a deep spiritual connectedness with God, evidenced throughout his writing, for how else could he hold such hope, such hunger for change, such longing to share his words for good? This is a provocative book, which will cause the reader to pause, inviting one to think beyond the pale.

I am still pondering the many profound thoughts this poet has penned with his “weapon of choice.”   A must read.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of A Soul Passenger

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Now Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Jus Sayin Book Description: Be prepared to be inspired!  ‘Jus Sayin’ is a beautiful compilation, woven from deeply relevant thought and inspiration that the author has shared over time, on social media.  Having an indefatigable human spirit, this author challenges us to see life as an everyday miracle, an opportunity for personal growth, inner strength and love for human kind.  It is a deeply touching book about love, forgiveness, self-acceptance, respect and gratitude.  Written in easy speak; it is a joy for the reader.

A highly motivational book, it will urge us to see the silver lining in all circumstances, viewing our hardships as valuable lessons, forgiving what we think to be unforgivable, being of service to humanity, especially our children.  Jeffery Martin has searched his soul, knows himself well; his only yardstick for measurement is his own.  The honesty of his spirit is felt throughout this beautiful book.  If you enjoy books such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Jeffery Martin has taken soul comfort to a new level, with a dash of hot sauce.  It is a book you will want to revisit time and again, seeking out beautiful words of wisdom, there is a passage there for every circumstance.

“I’m not working for a better tomorrow, I’m working for a better today. Tomorrow doesn’t need me, today does,” is one excerpt which left me smiling, thankful for having read this refreshingly positive and powerful book.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Myriad of Perceptions

$14.95 Plus Shipping ~ Now Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Visit Jeffery’s Author Page To Purchase His Books At:



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