Writing Tip: Reflective Writing

photo-1January is usually the month most people reflect on the past year. We wish to refresh our mind’s mental state and hope that we can make some improvements for the days to come. Some of us want to be better people and learn how to treat others better. Others may want to live a more adventurous life. Reflective writing is a way to not only learn about ourselves, but to give the audience insights as well. Some people may need to hear reflections from another to motivate them to think about what changes they could make. Here are a few ideas when trying you hand at reflective writing:

Comparisons: compare some negative events that turned into something positive. Maybe a car accident changed you in some way? Maybe the death of a loved one gave you a new meaning to life. We often hear the phrase “God closes one door but opens another.” You could even write about some of the people or traits you have left in the past and how much your life has improved for the better.

Emotions: We ask so many questions when things never go our way. Our emotions get the better of us when we don’t understand why. Pluck some of those strong emotions from the tough obstacles you have face, and reflect on how you perceive your actions now. What are some ways you could have acted better? What words do you wish you could take back? Write as if to teach yourself a lesson about regret.

hand-1599946_960_720Experiences: Think about the jobs you’ve had or relationships you have been in. What have the experiences with different professions and various people thought you? Did the experiences give you a thicker skin, or have they made you more sensitive? Write about what you have learned from them.

Hobbies: You decided to try a new hobby, but it isn’t working out how you thought. Reflect on your frustrations; what part of the process is holding you back. Write how it differs from something else you are good at. Give the audience a positive spin another hobby that brings you joy.

Writing: As a writer, you probably look back on some of your writing and see a transition to your work now. Reflect on your journey from an amateur to an indie author. Give insights on how your work is perceived and what kind of audience you have. What are some of the things that used to inspire and how have they changed?

20161107_133412-2Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, Devour Me and Charcoal Kisses.

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Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders / pixabay.com

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