“The House Where Cats Go” – Susan Wingate

The House Where Cats Go

I visited, last night, the house where cats go.

Its walls are smooth stucco and white and it sits on a hill with a chain-link fence that guards it.

The chain-link fence cuts off entrance from people who want to go inside.

And a flat black road climbs the hill and trims the row of houses and a set of concrete steps trims the road.

Cats there play together in this house.

They get in and out by way of a sprawling oak tree that sits, mashed, in front of the chain-link fence.

And when the cats are outside of the fence, they lead you to other houses with other cats and yards of grass.

Those houses have a few dogs too.

And the house on the hill has cats of all ages and sizes.

The fat black one, as black as Midnight, bumps her butt down the steps that trim the road.

The calico who was chunky but is now smooth and creamy sits high above on the top of the stairs.

Another one with fur dark like Razberry Jam in a jar.

And there are kittens all around, playing, who I didn’t recognize.

Not at first.

Then, remembered from long ago how they’d gotten into poison that Carl had put in the shed even before I lived there.

How they convulsed until they died.

How I didn’t know what to do.

But there they were! Well and happy and still kittens. Playing.

None of the cats said a word but they knew me. I knew them. I know how to talk to my cats.

And I hope I get to come back to the house where cats go and to talk with them again. To sit in front of the chain-link fence.

To tell them how much I miss them. How much I remember them.

And to watch them live there in the house where they’ve gone.

©  Susan Wingate

AuthorPhotoSMWbyPondsmaller_000If you want to read award-winning women’s fiction steeped in suspense, or stories sometimes set in mythical lands, or mystery and thrillers, you will enjoy reading Susan Wingate’s novels. The twists and turns of her stories and her likable, touching characters are always unique. In 2015, The Deer Effect won four book awards. People have said her novella Way Of The Wild Wood is reminiscent to C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia.” They have also equated Susan’s Troubled In Paradise to the superhero Spider-Man series. All of Susan’s books are filled with unforgettable heroes and fantastical worlds in which readers can escape. Susan Wingate’s bestselling, award-winning novels are recommended for teenagers, young adults, and for the young at heart!

Susan Wingate’s website: www.susanwingate.com

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  1. What a surprise! Thank you for featuring me. I’m in shock.


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  1. One of My Poems is Feature on Creative Talents Unleashed! – SUSAN WINGATE

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