Missing You – Author Adam Levon Brown


Sitting with myself is all I can take right now

Missing you is pure agony, I find myself asking how

I ever let you get so far away from the comfort of my arms

It’s not like

I’ve ever hurt you or brought you any sorrow or harm

I wish I could hold you right now and take all of your fears away


We will be together again soon, my love

we will find a way.

© Adam Levon Brown

Excerpt from the book “Cadence of Cupid”

Cadence Cover

About the Author

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. His writing will transport you to another space where you won’t want to leave.

Adam Levon Brown burst through the door of contemporary poetry in early 2015 after being diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He used writing as a tool for catharsis and eventually started submitting his poems to journals and magazines. Now an established poet with dozens of publications, a fiction novella, and two full collections of poetry out, he plans to take the poetry world by storm.

Visit Adam’s Author Page At:

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  1. Very nice!


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