Anthology Publishing Opportunity Now Open


Shades of the Same Skin will be an anthology of culture. In this book, there is no limit to culture and it will not be defined by being from an exotic place in the world. If you were born and raised in California or New York, share your life and experiences there if it is all you have ever known. If you have researched your ancestry and tracked down your native roots, share that part of your history. If you are an immigrant, tell about your journey and how it has changed you. If you live in paradise, on frozen tundras or desert lands, write about why you chose that place or how you and your family ended up there. You could indulge in your past or present. The possibilities are endless with this one. This book is about diversity and unity; to give the world a taste of the humans we are.

Submissions Open January 25, 2016 till February 29th 2016


For this anthology, each participant will be allotted 4 pages:

1 Biography page with author photo & pick 3 of the following (length 1 page each):
• 1 poem
• 1 short story
• 1 recipe
• 1 cultural photo with insight about photo

(You can do 2 poems & 1 recipe – or 2 stories & 1 cultural photo – or 1 poem, 1 recipe & 1 cultural photo. Just make sure you highlight your writing skills in at least 1 poem or short story)

Biography: This will be a little different than your usual author biography. Delve into the culture that made you who you are today. How does it influence the way you live? How you write? How do you plan on using it to inform or change the world? You have this moment to share with the audience a different side of you – so make it great! (include the country, city and/or state where you currently live, your homeland, and the ancestry you plan to share)

Poems: Describe a hometown, a favorite beach or a mountainside where you grew up. What smells do you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen while she was cooking traditional foods? What kind of holidays and festivals are celebrated where you came from or where you live now? This is an opportunity to give the reader a taste of somewhere they may have never been.

Short Story: Do you have a funny story to tell from a childhood encounter? Explain life working in a cornfield in Nebraska or living in the wilderness in Canada. What island folktales do you remember hearing or are still being shared today? What are some of the more unusual things your people eat and what are your experiences with them? (Think Andrew Zimmern on “Bizarre Foods”) Make the story funny or informative; share a tale you think someone who doesn’t know you or where you came from, will enjoy.

Recipes: Does your mom make the best Shepard’s Pie? Is there a weird food combination you loved as a kid that you still eat today? Do you make a dish that blends more than one culture? Share a favorite recipe that has been passed down for generations or one of your own. (Make sure to include specific measurements and directions.)

Cultural Photos: Do you have a costume on display from a Brazilian carnival? Maybe you have a collection of Russian nesting dolls or wooden carvings from Africa. How about a decorative hand held fan from Spain? Share a picture of something in your house and describe what it is and what it means to you. (photo will be printed black and white so make sure focus and lighting is appropriate to see details)

Anthology Submissions

Failure to follow guidelines will cause your submitted work to be rejected.

Email Submission to:

Email Subject Line: Shades of the Same Skin /Your Name

Attach your Poems/Stories in a word document

Font: Times New Roman 12 PT

Single Spaced without Indents

Work in ALL CAPS will not be accepted.

Include your Name at bottom of work

You may include 1 Web Link with your work (please place below your name)

Include a bio picture

Please adhere to these guidelines explicitly, there will be no further private communications.

Any entries that do not comply with these simple guidelines will not be accepted.

You will only receive contact from us when we have chosen all of the participants being published in this anthology. You will NOT be contacted if your work was not accepted for said publishing.


Submit To:

Disclaimer: When you submit your work for inclusion in this anthology you are granting Creative Talents Unleashed and its affiliates use of your work Royalty-Free in connection to this offering and promotional services. Author retains all rights to his/her work.

This Project is Sponsored by The Starving Artist Fund

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  1. Can Africans participate?


  2. Done and dusted…thanks for this opportunity!



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