MicroPoetry Challenge: Write a 5 line poem

Micro Poetry Challenge

MicroPoetry Challenge: Write a 5 line poem

This poem can be on any topic in any meter or line length, it can be in any form ( Limerick,Tanka.Free verse) just as long as it adheres to the 5 line format.

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  1. My love,my life…
    I found it in no one but you
    My pen,my Poetry…
    My constant companion in everyday of life
    I love you,yes I do.


  2. Here I am beckoning
    Reasoning with a shadow
    Heart breaking

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    Now, the glory of the day is spent, and the table cleared.
    And, in twilit hours the coals are banked, for the long cold night.
    The sun is set, and the moon is yet to rise; in the fast fading light.
    Still too soon sleep, yet too late to toil, as eventide’s end is neared.
    Heaven’s bright stars have not appeared, I can wait for the day’s last sight…

    -Maxfield Mansel Mc Coy


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