Writer Highlight Featuring: Sunday James


What kind of a night is this?
So bright a night that I wander in its bliss
Starring in awe as the celestial bodies play
Little did I acknowledge that ‘twill bring forth a glorious day

Envisaging further shook me with a shock wave that rocks the starry skies
Ordering a silence that could be felt amidst my trials
Then I heard a voice that seems to be my voice
Illuminating the shadow that enveloped my face

Again I heard distant voices vocalizing with a mystic rhythm
Then a tribal drum vibrated with a harmonious algorithm
Dancing to both melodious cacophonies wasn’t possible
Isolating one wasn’t a choice accessible

Ushering me back to my darkness
Still starring at the night’s mightiness
Then, my mind suddenly illuminated
As the stars and moon gyrated

Like couples serenading
Accompanied with bridal train approaching
And suddenly, calmness descended on the night
So calm it stilled everything in sight
And a door opened in my head
Again I stared and stared and stared
Beyond TV to the light on the street
Little did I discern, I was wide asleep

© Copyright, Sunday James 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on July 22, 2015

Photo Credit: © 2/Headhunters/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

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