VII, Light the Candle

Close-up of lit candle isolated over black background

Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

VII, Light the Candle

It’s a dark, dark night
No longer see the light
It’s a scary feeling
Not knowing what’s out there

I have no light
No one beside me
I can only hide
Without a guide
Is this the end

Demons are out there
Watching, waiting
For their moment
I need a sacrament
Gods’ holy scent

I need a fragrance
Something pure
Keep the demons away
Shine the light today
The only way

I feel them near
Don’t want to fear
And I do care
My life is on the line
I need something to shine

God if you do not mind
Be ever so kind
I’m oh so blind
Light the candle
Within my heart
And mind

© Isaiah Barber

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Photo Credit: © Anders Tukler/Matton Collection/Corbis

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