Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

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Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Write a story or a scene involving an animal that symbolizes something else. It can represent a concept, an experience, an emotion, a historical moment, or anything else you can think of.

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  1. I remember warm summer days, exploring the woods with my companion poochie. Carefree, no worries … just my little friend and me. I remember seeing a dragonfly for the first time, wondering how could nature make something so small, almost invisible; and yet, make it so beautiful … that were one not watching, they would miss its beauty. Perhaps that’s how one begins to watch, look … to find those things we normally miss.

    Title: Lazy Dragon Fly Days

    Dragon fly dreams
    lullaby in its lyrical sing
    a lifetime ago
    … or so it seems.

    Glistening creeks
    talkative trickles
    removing our shoes
    dunking our toes
    watching tad polls dart about
    in such bygone pleasant flows.

    Watching turtles
    sun their shells
    plop, plop, plop
    hearing them
    into the water as they drop.

    Suddenly, iridescent wafty wings
    dart above the shimmering waters
    spreading rainbow dreams
    and beautiful of like
    i had never seen.

    © 2019 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved


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