Inspiration by Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

Inspiration and aspiration

For artistic expression

Can spark up from anything really…

A kiss, a smile, a touch;

Inspiration can even come to you right now

While you are sitting still

Without saying much.

Because at the end of the day,

Inspiration is like a seed

That can sprout

From a barren desolated desert

From a minuscule grain a salt

From a tiny speck of dust.

You can even get it

While you are having inappropriate feelings of lust!

When you wake and bake

When you take a leap of faith

When you deliberately take yourself

Out of your comfort zone.

When you condone and embrace the unexpected,

When you uproot yourself from self-denial

And lend a hand to those who have been neglected

By the grace of god,

In the face of adversity

And mental scarcity.

Personally speaking…

My inspiration comes

During my most monumental

Yet turbulent moments.

During my times of glory and self-defeat

During those times when everything is perfectly flawed,

And unexpectedly neat.

During those times when I feel like

Dancing in the rain

In front of the White House,

During those times when I feel like

I am protesting in vain

In front of such white supremacist crack house,

During those times when I feel like

All of those people in power

Ought to be doing their jobs

Instead of selling their souls

To such Republican whorehouse.


Despite of all of these brief disturbances,

Inspiration still propels me forward

And allows me to attain the inconceivable.

It ultimately encourages my right side of the brain

To grab my magical pen

And write down these sacred scriptures

With my lefty

Crafty hand,

So then I can reclaim

My God-given right to deploy

Exhilarating joy

To all of you guys.


As I dig deeper into this blissful creative process

I often come into conflict

With my inner voices

Multiple personalities

Constantly feeding me with high doses

Of counterproductive forces

That can only be counteracted by,

Self-inculcating my mind

With self-motivating thoughts;

So then

I can rapture myself

With unconditional self-love

So then

I can inspire audiences

Across the hemisphere,

Galvanize social movements

Beyond the stratosphere.

So then

My vociferous voice reverberates

And lives through generations;

Achieve immortality

With my theatrical creations.

So then

I can touch my predecessors 

With a mere gesture

That transcends through time and space,

So then

I can amaze my beautiful crowds

And thus establish a harmonious foundation

For a perennial connection

In this present perfection.

© Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

Excerpt from the book Poems of Provocative Motivation

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About the Author


Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla is a theatrical poet, medical interpreter and a multilingual educator from Lima, Peru. He was raised in an artistic world, due to his parents’ involvement in the fields of Dramatic Arts, Painting, Screen-Writing and TV Production. In 2014, Piero moved to Washington D.C. where he discovered his passion for Spoken Word Poetry and Motivational Speaking. Piero uses poetry as therapeutic tool to heal, provoke inspiration and arise feelings of cathartic joy to audiences across the globe. He mostly writes about self-help, touching upon the concepts of gratitude, optimism and interracial relations in the form of satire. He is a holistic and energetic artist who intends to raise awareness with his spiritual approach.

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