Inspiration Call: Fun Write Friday’s

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Inspiration Call: What kinds of family secrets or stories might be hiding in that untouched box in the attic?

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Locked away
    Years gone by
    Untold secrets
    Sitting on its side
    The story waiting within
    My curiosity building
    What contents would I find
    Thoughts of treasures
    Maybe just some clothes
    Old forgotten pile of gold
    Unable to live with the mystery
    I pulled the box closer
    Rattled sounds echoed
    My heart pounding
    What would be inside
    Was this secret ready to be told
    Prying open the dusty crate
    My eyes surprised at what I found
    I slammed the lid quickly
    Returning the box to its spot
    A secret indeed
    A story inside
    Left untold


  2. hiding out
    the neo nazis
    hunting me

    hunting progressives
    hunting GLBQ symps
    hunting non-white people
    hunting muslims

    I come to an old house
    deep in the woods
    the owner will hide us
    in the old cabin

    I get there
    and wonder
    yet again

    how did we end up
    in a neo nazi nightmare
    there is no answer

    just the silence
    of the damn


  3. world war 11 secrets

    In world war 11
    there were many secrets
    among them
    the thousands of people
    who hid the jews
    in secret hideaways
    at risk to their life

    why did they risk
    their life
    to save
    their Jewish neighbors

    such acts of courage
    were rare indeed
    but gives us

    in these dark times
    where neo-fascism
    seems to be emerging
    from their dark corners

    threating us all
    once again
    and will we
    save our neighbors
    from the next holocaust
    that is sure to follow


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