Poetry by Estrella Trevino

Enter my holy temple,

Altar covered in burgundy peonies,

Candles illuminate the path

To hear the angels sing.

Confess your sins,

Be baptized in my waters,

Freedom streams through your body,

Electrically charging dormant dreams.

Move past the altar,

Enter into the holy of holies,

Embrace the universe

In its everlasting glory.

© Estrella Trevino

Excerpt from the book My Heartbeat

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About the Author

Estrella Trevino is a single mother of three that resides in Dallas, TX. Writing has always been a form of release for her, turning her anguish into beauty. An alchemist in the making, personal growth is a priority for Estrella as she is the example her children will follow. Estrella thrives on creativity and pushing her imagination to its limits.

A mental woman, with the purpose of healing through poetry and having an open heart. Writing has been her therapy. A lifelong journey of pouring her soul onto paper.

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