Inspiration Call: Fun Write Friday’s

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Inspiration Call: Write about a time in your life you said goodbye to someone – this could be as simple as ending a mundane phone conversation, or harder goodbyes to close friends, family members, or former partners.

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  1. I held it in
    It was hard but I managed
    Inside I was breaking
    But I smiled
    Just a little boy heading off on an adventure
    You will always be that little boy to me
    As the flight attendant took your hand
    I gripped tight to my emotions
    A mother’s love
    Ensuring your didn’t see
    No tears would fall
    Heading towards the plane
    Your back to me
    I stood waiting
    All my effort focused on holding back the emotions
    Just before you were out of sight
    You turned back to me
    Those eyes
    Fear and uncertainty
    Again I smiled
    That reassuring glow
    Just enough
    You smiled back
    A little wave
    To say, I’m ok Mom
    Then you were gone
    I sighed as a release
    For I could no longer control the emotions bubbling up inside me
    With tears streaming down my face
    Unable to compose myself
    I walked away
    Through the airport
    Where we had both arrived
    I walked alone
    And I cried
    I don’t remember the drive home
    I do remember feeling so alone
    The house was silent
    I waited for your call
    The phone finally rang
    It was you
    You made it there safe
    The next 2 weeks
    Seemed like an eternity
    But before I knew it
    I was back at the airport
    Impatiently waiting
    When I caught a glimpse
    My little boy
    Running full speed
    Tears again in my eyes
    You missed me too
    Big hugs
    Lots of smiles
    My sweet boy
    Momma loves you
    And is so happy for you to be back home with her tonight.


  2. Last Free Woman standing in the airport

    a lone woman
    is standing
    in an abandoned airport
    looking at all the airplanes

    after the collapse
    of the world economy

    after the war
    against humanity
    by the evil Cosmos AI

    she was one of the few
    feral humans left
    most had been killed
    by the super plague

    or by the endless wars
    launched by the robotic armies
    of the damn robots from hell

    there were a few
    resistance fighters
    and a few neo-savage
    canibal gangs
    running about
    deep in the mountains

    but the remaining humans
    were mostly slave labor
    growing food for themselves

    and building more robots
    for the ever expanding
    robot armies



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