Longing and Desire by James F. Cunningham

She was the girl next door,

Who came over to play.

He did his best to ignore,

Sometimes he’d run away.

He always liked her smile,

In a way, they were friends.

She had such a unique style,

On her, he always depends.

Over the years they changed,

Leading to a certain attraction.

His thinking was rearranged,

She gave him quite a reaction.

One day, when in High School,

They grew close and kissed.

Sometimes he acted the fool,

But he just couldn’t resist.

Some called it puppy love,

But hearts were set on fire.

Dreaming on the stars above,

With a longing and desire.

First loves can be amazing,

Such a wonderful endeavor.

When love begins blazing,

Sometimes it lasts forever.

© James F. Cunningham

Excerpt from the book Cupid’s Arrow

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