Inspiration Call: Character Development Thursday

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Inspiration Call: Write a poem or story that starts with two people saying goodbye.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. And there is was
    Spoken outloud
    The words cutting deep
    We knew it was lingering
    Something about the finality
    Overwhelming thoughts
    Impending disaster
    Splitting assets
    Selling everything
    Mutually agreed
    There is no coming back
    No redo
    Options exhausted
    It’s real
    It’s happening
    Ending of our dreams



  2. Goodbye

    Me saying goodbye
    to you would kill me my dear
    so I won’t say it


  3. Political conflicts emerge from differing ideologies that scar the fabric of humanity. Most notably, the Korean War, though never formally ended, continues to take its toll upon a broken country’s people. For three generations, North and South Korean citizens have been unable to freely travel across its borders to visit friends and family. Through humanitarian efforts, a Lottery has been created to allow separated families to reunite. These reunions are heavily monitored and do not allow repeat visits in the future. Some individuals never win a chance for such visits, others die while waiting to win, while others suffer dementia rendering such opportunities cruel and meaningless. This poem invites its reader to stand in the shoes of those living in a divided country.

    Farewell, My Brother

    Hello, my brother
    i bid you farewell
    today at long last
    we will, our stories tell.

    The fates were kind, and did allow
    our eyes to meet, our hands to hold
    to three generations we had to bow
    time did fleet, and now we are old.

    For while i share these pictures with you
    many have passed, their time was through
    for some, their minds of memory were wiped
    their families are gone, while yet in sight.

    It was good to see you again, my brother
    a single visit, our governments did permit
    a lifetime with you, i would have ruther
    in deepest anguish, we end this trip.

    Hello, my brother
    i bid you farewell
    … remember my smile
    … remember my voice.

    Farewell, my brother.

    © 2015 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved



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