Temple Of You by Markus Fleischmann

Your being is the temple

As I pray

I fall to my knees

Blessed by your grace

Each day I look at your

Beautiful face

Your heart is the bed

I lay upon

As I rest my soul

Daily worries I let go

Comfort I find in your love

Of my weary mind

Your strength is my fruit

I am nourished

Giving me strength

Each day to go on

To fight life’s battles

Seemingly long

Your passion I feed upon

Desires drip onto my tongue

Like nectar falling

Gently from your orchid bloom

As somber lull bathes the room

Your soul is the moon

I wish upon

Its light shines warm and strong

A dream in reality

You’re my reason

My love’s probability

In you I made my sanctuary

Place of hope, newfound revelry

Your skin I read upon

Each curve a verse

Each pore a rhyme

Like poetry written in time

Song sung by heavenly angels

My dream

My wish

My love

My beautiful temple of you

© Markus Fleischmann

Excerpt from the book A Stained Glass Heart


About the Author

Markus Fleischmann is a free thinker and writer who lives in Texas. For me, writing down my thoughts and experiences is an outlet, a release of emotions that I feel, and experiences and emotions of others. I am an empath which grants me the gift of heightened feeling in my surroundings. As a dreamer, free thinker and a peddler of words it brings me such great joy to be able to share this gift with others.

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