Office Plant by Glenda Higgins

Martine walked along the street looking up at the streetlights. The full moon stared down at her bent head. 

“Why look up?” She thought, following her feet with her eyes. 

“The world is round, God is good. So what!” 

She continued to walk remembering her job and the endless desks under endless windows looking over endless sidewalks going to endless skies in the distance.

“So what! Why believe in anything?” She said out loud to a watching tree. Looking up at the moon, she gave it the finger. “Life just is. I dare you to change my mind.”

The moon seemed to wink.

“Huh?” She shook her head to try to clear it.
“I’ve read Sartre, Kierkegaard and Campus.

I read Nietzsche even though he was a Nazi sympathizer.

I know what’s absurd. Me, for wanting something more.”

She told herself, stamping her foot.

“I won’t tell anyone that I’m just another office plant, nearly dead, looking out a sunny window, hoping for something.” 

Martine sighed and walked on.

© Glenda Higgins

Excerpt form the book “Essential Existentialism”

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