Titanic Clashes by D.B. Hall

I see your sun-kissed body writhing upon yon shore

Filled with burning lust, vibrant body aching for more

Elegant familiar fingers clawing furrows into wet sand

Mesmerized in the embrace of some mere mortal man

Who is this impertinent dark haired stranger?

Dost this fool not realize the perilous danger?

Dast he seduce my lovely mermaid from my sea?

This trident hast lost no power, a fury rages in me

The monster of the deep is my green eyed jealousy

Here, feel the far reaching white foaming fingers of me

I grasp your aroused bodies to wreak havoc savagely

I feel the electricity and power feedback unexpectedly

ZEUS! Lover extraordinaire in heavens and in earth

I swear, here in my domain you’ll not carve out a berth

Battled throughout the ages and the rivalry still rages

Now this new battle will act out upon all new stages

For now you have woven magic upon my mermaid’s heart

For that untouchable territory, I will tear the worlds apart

© D.B. Hall


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