The Time Dragon by Vincent Van Ross

In deep sleep

I felt as if I was being

Clawed and tugged

By a dragon to wake me up

I kept sleeping

And, drifted into a dream

I found a dragon

Staring at me

In place of eyes

It had two clocks

And, on the snout,

It had a third clock

The dragon told me

That it was the time dragon

And it could take me out

On time travel

The Time Dragon also told me

That it could take me to the past,

The present

Or, the future

‘Where are we, right now?’

I asked

We are in the present replied the dragon

I have three clocks on my face

Two of them are where my eyes ought to be

And the third one is on my snout

One of these clocks light up

According to the time zone we are in

When the clock on my snout lights up

It means we are in the present

When the one on my left eye lights up

It means we are in the past

And when the one on my right eye lights up

It means we are in the future

The entire universe is in a time warp

The past is buried under the ground

It is in the nether world

The present is on the ground

It is on the earth

And, the future is in the air

It is in outer space

Time travelers

Can switch

From one time zone to the other

Because, in the universe,

The past, the present and the future

Exist at the same time

And, I am the time dragon

That can take you

To any of them

At your command…

© Vincent Van Ross

Excerpt from the book Poetic Shadows

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