Inspiration Call: Let your eyes be the camera



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Inspiration Call: Let your eyes be the camera

Think of your eyes as the lens and capture what you see in this poetry challenge. Whether on vacation or just going to work…pick a particular scene of the day and write about it.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Waves crash
    Birds sing
    Swirling emotions
    Soul exposed
    The water
    Happiness reflected
    Nature’s heat
    Simple luxury
    Calmed and composed
    Beautiful and serine
    Warm sand beneath my toes
    Relaxed and carefree
    In love with the ocean
    Picture perfect
    And the peace it brings


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  2. Ghosts appear everywhere

    Ghosts of the dead appear everywhere
    Have been brought back to life
    Out of the graves they were sleeping in
    Straight back from Hell they came
    Their fate sealed – Hell was filled up
    So they were pardoned and sent back


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