Ascension by Lyne Beringer


He was predisposed toward pandering

A predator of the dark

I heard he was known by many names

But he preferred the term “The Shark”

He approached me in the evening

Just as the city came to life

His face half hidden in a hoodie

In his hand was a pocketknife

I stood there in the silence

As he looked me up and down

I could swear I saw him smiling

A passing car now the only sound

My feet were lightly tapping

As I stood there on the street

Then I heard him whisper

I’m thrilled we finally got to meet

He said he’d been here waiting

For me to find my way

To the place he kept well hidden

From the heat and the light of day

I’ve kept your chamber frozen

The floors thick with sheets of ice

Magic mirrors are on the ceiling

So you can see your reflection twice

I thanked him for his service

But a century’s past in years

I have hungered for the taste of it

Lost souls paralyzed with fear

So I summoned all the shadows

Inhaled his screams as they gathered round

The shark that once was dangerous

Disappeared without another single sound

Now I feel their presence

Those who languish in the in-between

Destiny is calling

It’s the ascension of the Arctic Queen


© Lyne Beringer

Excerpt from the book Poetic Shadows

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