Echoes of You by Don Beukes


It took me a while to write to you

I feel such a fool, trying to keep my cool

but you left so suddenly maybe even willingly

anyway, I am still surrounded by you staring at your

coat so blue – I guess it’s true how much I miss you


just the thought of you, your lingering notes floating

around, laughter all around over steaming hot filter

coffee, as you fill a willing void not even thinking about

a possible loved one feeling destroyed – It was not intentional

not even conventional but I feel so blue missing you, your

soothing tone as you shared similar fears, missed chances

broken dreams, even ruby red silent screams whilst smiling

at neighborly parties, pretending to be what we were not

oh I feel such a fool losing my controlled cool, opening up

your embracing heart, our connection secret although


some would gladly kill it – I could not help the occasional

brush of skin, a soul so keen yet unseen but you knew

me too, I will always remember you, the aura of you, your

constant halo so blue, like the last layer of sky before heaven gently

removes you from this accusatory earth, a necessary rebirth.


The hardest thing for me was to see you off unwillingly but

I know you will see me in the whisper of the wind, your eternal friend,

it will never end – It’s just so unfair how we need to find a balance,

avoid the inevitable challenge and drink from the peacemaking chalice –

Your musky smell remains even though it left me in chains, only now and then

tightening my blue veins as I smile once again at parties to forget loving rows after your

forced exit – I know I’ve said it but don’t ever forget it, you are still an invisible part of

me, it’s just so hard to play this emotional card – Daily reminded of blue as you left me

echoes of you.


© Don Beukes


Excerpt from the book “The Salamander Chronicles”

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don-beukesAbout the Author

Mr. Don Beukes is a retired teacher of English and Geography. Originally from Cape Town in South Africa, he grew up in the shadow of Table Mountain, always aspiring to achieve the best in life, despite living in a racially divided country. He lives by his favorite motto ‘Carpe Diem’ and endeavors to seize every opportunity in life to make the most of each day. This also filters through to his poetry, attempting to adjust our moral compass in our ever-changing global village. He enjoys gardening and is a keen amateur photographer.

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