Shrapnel Eyes by Hugh Dysart


Grab them by their shiny medals,

make them look,

into the soul,

of misery

Into the shrapnel eyes,

of a dead child

If they shed no tears,

blow their fucking,

heads off


Grab them by their fat red necks,

make them look,

into the depths,

of bigotry

Into the segregated eyes,

of a refugee child

If they deny all shame,

stretch their necks,

with a Rebel Flag


Pay the piper, face the fact,

hope is gone, won’t be back

Can’t be taught, won’t be shown,

lights are on, no one’s home


Grab them by their Armani lapels,

make them look,

into the pockets,

of poverty

Into the pleading eyes,

of a beggar child

If they deny all guilt,

burn their bodies,

in Satan’s money


Grab them by their love beads,

make them look,

into the mirror,

of surrender

Into the disillusioned eyes,

of broken promises

If they say they tried,

they lied


I lied


© Hugh Dysart

Sinner's Road

Excerpt from the book Sinner’s Road

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302579_242748782435233_4426381_nAbout the Author

Hugh Dysart is a long-time musician, songwriter, poet and lyricist. Hugh has been playing blues and rock for almost fifty years and writing for fifteen. His greatest influences have always been music based, appreciating the genius of both the music and lyrics written by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones. It had has greatly influenced his writing of lyrics.

He has discovered a love of writing poetry and prose; a natural progression as a lyricist. He resides in Timmins, Ontario Canada, with his soul mate and is a father of two and a grandfather.

Visit Hugh’s Author Page At

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