Irish Harps by Mark Andrew Heathcote


Irish harps cast a spell when played well

It could be that those players are pretty,

And they put me under some, kind of spell

Secretly my heart wants to accompany,

Drum to every string, and hope one look

From me and they’ll lose their heart, their key

Oh, Irish-Rose you keep me on tenterhooks

Oh, Irish harps cast a spell on me.

The hand that plucks this chord must grasp the flame

And touch the burning that can’t be, doused

And not even a good strong stout can drain

The way she picks those strings out of my heart

Irish harps cast a spell when played well

Oh, Emerald Isle, you’re the star of my heart

Oh, look at me now dumbstruck open-mouthed

It could be desire comes to me unannounced.


© Mark Andrew Heathcote

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MarkAbout the Author

Mr. Mark Andrew Heathcote is the author of In Perpetuity his debut book of poems published in June 2016 by Creative Talents Unleashed.

Marks first book was well received earning him favourable reviews. This being, his second book, Mark, hopes to build on that good reputation and establish his own, brand of poetry.

Mark is a father of five children, and lives and works in the UK. Mark resides in Manchester where he works as an adult learning difficulties support worker and he spends his free time gardening and writing poetry.

Visit Marks Author Page At:

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