The Child & The Wolf by Sue Lobo

She was just a pretty little brown Cherokee girl,

Of long jet black hair & sweet smile that curled,

Below the eagled skies & floral prairie she´d trip,

Before cooling forest streams she´d bend & sip.


Early one cold morn she found the she-wolf dead,

With two dead puppies & a bullet through her head,

She touched the soft silver fur with tears in her eyes,

Cursing the white men’s guns, then she heard the cries.


Under his mum, bundle of fluff, still alive but alone,

In her shawl, she took the little wolf back to her home,

Where she cared for him & taught him how to be wild,

Wandering prairies together, wolf & little Indian child.


Together they hunted for herbs & birds of fine feather,

They grew up strong into adulthood & always together,

She shared with wolf her secrets, to human never told,

And he taught her when to be meek & when to be bold.


The grey wolf aged fast & the child became an old dear,

Warming old bones in the Arizona sun, wolf´s end so near,


Together they had walked through the paths of life´s map,

And the old grey wolf died with his head on her soft sad lap.


She danced to the sun, wailed in the wind & raved at the rain,

Pleading with them to ease her unending & sorry aching pain,

Hearing on that haunting night, in the wind of summer´s June,

Wolf´s howling, “I´ll wait for you on the other side of the moon”.


© Sue Lobo









Excerpt from the book “Wild Whisperings”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and


About the Author

Sue Lobo is the author of three books of her experiences in Africa, a poetry book “Africa My Africa” which is poetry reflecting African life in the terrible apartheid era in South Africa & “Lollipops of Dust”, her autobiography, of a child´s view of living in colonial Africa, in the Kalahari desert, with all the magic of what the old Africa had to offer. Her last book “The Last Dance” was published by Creative Talents Unleashed. She has also participated in eleven poetry anthologies with other very talented poets & has won a couple poetry competitions in Gibraltar & Spain. On occasions she has written requested epitaphs and elegies for families of departed souls. She is married to a Spaniard, with two grown up sons & presently lives in Spain. The sale of this latest collection of animal themed poetry called “Wild Whisperings” published by Creative Talents Unleashed will go entirely to Save The Rhino Fund.

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