Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday



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Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. April 15, 2019 Prayers for the Future of the Planet

    A shaman priestess
    Is deep in thought
    Engaged in Meditation
    on the fate
    Of the earth

    She is deep in the cosmic woods
    In the world between worlds
    Where she is communing
    With the spirits of the universe
    Who listen to her tale of woe

    She tells them
    Of the rise of the neo fascists
    And the refusal to address
    The possible end of the world
    Due to run away climate change

    She prays and prays
    And finally
    She receives an answer
    More a prediction
    It is all up to humans

    She has two visions
    Of a possible future
    Two contrasting visions
    One a dystopian nightmare
    The other an optimistic vision

    The first
    The neo fascists
    Seize control
    And usher in a dystopian nightmare
    That ends with utter destruction

    Nuclear war
    Nuclear winter
    Ends climate change
    As civilization ends
    And mankind retreat to caves

    And it happens
    In a blink of an eye
    In less than five years
    The world will end
    Game over civilization ends

    The second vision
    The optimistic vision
    Humanity wakes up
    From their collective night mare
    Throws off the neo fascist cabal

    And begin to change the world
    Making the economy works
    For all of us
    Not just the corrupt 1 percent
    The so-called masters of the Universe

    They are overthrown
    In a people’s power revolution
    All over the world
    People wake up
    Demand change

    And slowly the world
    Begins to recover
    And overcome
    The dark hours
    Of the present age

    The shaman priestess
    Returns home
    To spread the word
    It up to us
    To choose our fate

    The end is indeed near
    It is darker than you think
    But it is not over yet
    If we choose the path
    Of the cosmic light

    And overthrow
    The neo fascist cabal
    And restore democracy
    And peace will break out
    And all will end well

    If not
    Well she says
    You have been warned
    The universe has spoken
    So, mote it be


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