The Valkyrie by Keith Forsythe

The spirits of my past

Surround me

My ancestors guiding me home

Shields out, swords held high

Laid on my shield, my sword in hand

I am carried to my cairn

Songs of joy resound

As the Valkyrie sing my victory

Lifting me

Valhalla’s gates opened wide

I stride through in golden armor

Kneeling, I offer myself to Odin

Sword held high

My shield glittering, a kaleidoscope of colors

Odin judges my worthiness

He finds me acceptable

Proudly I take my place in the army royale

A true warrior


©  Keith Forsythe

Excerpt from the book Affection After Affliction

Affection After Affliction

$12.95 Plus Shipping – Available at CTU Publishing Group and

KeithAbout the Author

Brian “Keith” Forsythe, originally from the United States of America, now lives in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his amazing wife and handsome cat. He served his country in the US Navy, as a submariner after which he lived an eventful life of considerably poor choices. Writing poetry has become a very cathartic practice for him. He loves riding motorcycles, playing videogames, reading, and of course writing.

Visit Keith’s Author Page At:

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  1. LOVE this! You’re a wordsmith wizard and we happen to be looking for writers to join us at Mindless Mag!

    You don’t need to be familiar with conscious fashion or a ‘professional’ writer to get involved – so check out our Feb topics and send us your scribbles!


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