Anthology Release: Naughty Nuts & Bolts

Naughty nuts and olts

The theme of this anthology, isn’t in any way compiled to shock our readers or to embolden our writer’s hedonistic desires beyond the realms of the actual physical truth, but to quite simply tell us factually the particulars good or bad, hilarious or sad about themselves, about dating in our currently vastly changing world—about their sexual preferences experiences their carnal desires needs and to divulge them bravely, unblushingly, unashamedly to share them with us; what it is to date someone today or to fall-in-love or to never find love at all. Love is not a fantasy, but it can be magical. Naughty Nuts & Bolts takes a good look at these bodily functions through heart, mind and body and physically unparalleled expectations.

Mark Andrew Heathcote, Author of In Perpetuity & Back on Earth

A special thanks to the following contributors: Bipul Banerjee, Glenda Higgins, Stuart Kilmartin, Branch Isole, Raja Williams, Luna Love, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Lynn White, Maggie Mae, Angela Bertoli, Sue Lobo, Peter V. Dugan, Valormore De Plume, Jill N. Pontiere, Heather Hazlett, Paige Turner, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Mark Andrew Heathcote, Hela Jenayah Tekali, Lopamudra Mishra, Jeff Santosuosso, Jackie Chou, Ken Green, Jonathan Aquino, Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, Bevan Boggenpoel, Antonia Valaire, Markus Fleischmann, Lyne Beringer,  Emory Oakley, Olfa Philo, Brenda-Lee Ranta, Tina Louise, Nomthandazo Nxabela, Tiffany Simone, Damon E. Johnson, Scott Thomas Outlar, David Wagoner, Jeff Oliver, Baidha Fercoq, Vernon Wade, and Shilpa Kulkarni

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