Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Question

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  1. Anxious Rambler

    I question myself
    Question again
    Did I?
    Could I?
    Will I?
    Synapses firing on
    all cylinders.

    Elizabeth Daniel

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  2. Beginnings

    Tomorrow will bring
    a new beginning,
    another new beginning
    and I wonder,
    when will I reach the end
    of my beginnings.
    Everything will have been started.
    Everything will be active,
    on going.
    at that point,
    I must move on
    to the beginning
    of my end.
    My end
    when everything is completed
    and nothing left to be started.
    Will this time come?
    Perhaps it has already come
    and I haven’t noticed.
    But I don’t think so.
    So I will carry on
    working towards
    a new beginning
    and cease to wonder
    how it will end.

    Lynn White

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