Stretching Back by Cory Costantino


Stretching across a mountain of moments,

a compacted heap of wrappers and notes

once held or recorded the vast signals of a life

drilling through time I see what I have felt:

repeating patterns, spent layers of feeling compressed

finally squeezing out the air in between

where I try to insert subconsciously,

one more gasp, always one more gasp

of air that is not there, and make it seem it is the present,

a moment renewed, on news not new, and I wake up

to see layers of feeling already had and repeated

that I wouldn’t feel again if I could stop and look

at the mountain of moments, I’ve already been

settling like bands in the soil marking

how often the ground shifted under my feet

but I stare so hard all I see is that moment

entombed in a layer,

and all I think is what is written on that scrap of paper,

and I forget where I am, then becomes now, again and again…


©  Cory Costantino

Excerpt form the book “I Have A Name”

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I Have a Name

Preface  . . .  

We live in a society whereby there is an astounding increase in what is known as ‘the invisible disorders.’  We may be living with one or more of them ourselves, or perhaps it could be our parent, our child, our grandchild or the person working at the desk beside us.  These hidden, or not so hidden disorders are a part of our modern-day life, symptoms of hereditary, dietary, metabolic or chemical unbalances in the body – yet they exist and are very real for the person who lives daily with any of them.

There are many people silently suffering as a result.  They are walking through life feeling lost, unsupported, misunderstood and alone; yet there is hope in acceptance and inclusion.  There is hope when we give these disorders a voice, a name, a face and a place in society.  The collection within these pages are voices, names and faces; the accounts of real people by real people.  They either live with a disorder or have been deeply touched by knowing someone who does.

It is with my profound thanks to all the contributors, for opening themselves up, with the willingness to share these experiences with the world.  “You Have a Name.”

Brenda-Lee Ranta,  author of Allegories, and Myriad of Perceptions

$14.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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