Featured Author: Jeffery Martin

Jeffery Martin

Mr. Martin, a storyteller, has also used stories to inspire classrooms and youth groups in both New York and California. While living in Rochester New York he founded the BEHOLD Theater group (he hopes to kick start this again) which introduced to youth to various disciplines within the arts, ranging from Poetry to Fencing. Recently retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District he plans on taking poetry, drumming and storytelling on the road to reach a broader audience. He is currently writing a film script with hopes of releasing it sometime in 2018. His most recent book “Jus Sayin’” released in June 2017 is a myriad of thoughts he has shared over social media over the past few years.

Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s  book Jus Sayin’


April 10, 2015

The homeless so often disappear for many of us. But a man in rags and no home challenged me to challenge myself. His command of language inspired me to first think then study. He never answered my questions, instead, he told me to do my own research. Elrod, this video is dedicated to you and the others who took an interest in a 20-year-old kid. I don’t have to ‘believe’ in angels because I’ve actually met some.


April 19, 2015

She came asking only to receive the love she so freely gives. Her small wings fill any room. Life may not treat her fairly but it won’t be due to any shortcomings she possesses.

Dedicated to those misunderstood


May 3, 2015

Damn. Just learned Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur passed away. I always felt there was something special about Tupac. His vibe was a little different. When I read his mother’s story it made sense. This sister represented herself in a court of law against a racist, biased system and held her own. She was, despite the challenges, a phenomenal woman.

Advise from the skies Sister. Power


May 5, 2015

Mom as that day approaches I am reminded of our daily talks. I call it that day because one day could never define what your presence in my life meant. Fancy dinners and flowers totally miss the point as I reflect on what calling you mom signified for me. To walk into any room and find you there was the sun, moon, and stars for me. When I learned you weren’t perfect it surprised me. As a youngster, I thought you were. But even with those imperfections, I celebrated your impact on my life. Death cut short our conversation but cannot dim the love that lives within for you. For the wrongs I forgive you and for my hardheadedness, I hope you forgive me. No day can fully appreciate you, only my heart can.

Advise from the skies Mom

I’m always listening.


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