Author Interview with Justin R. Hart

Justin Writer HartIntroducing Author Justin R. Hart

As a child, poetry gave Justin Hart his voice. Since then, he developed his style, enveloping traditional symbolism, using nature to relate possibilities deeper than the literal level, offering more than imaginative stories to relay desire, belief, and purpose.

Some of Justin’s early inspirations came from the naturally simplistic, yet symbolic writings of Robert Frost, along with the depth of Khalil Gibran and with the wisdom of the woods through Henry David Thoreau. Ultimately, Justin is inspired by the Eternal Light around us. Many of his poems have been created through channeling this Divine Energy.

Interview – Book: The Dawn of Pondering Passions

Creative Talents Unleashed: Hi Justin, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Justin: Thank you for the doors of possibility that you have opened for so many writers and for this opportunity to share a little bit about myself!

Creative Talents Unleashed: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Justin: I was brought up in East L.A. and for the first 16 years of my life, I lived with fear. There, I was a minority and became a target just for that reason. I was in constant fear of being attacked by gangs. It was a difficult time, because I just wasn’t safe. As a diversion from the gangs, I used sports to create some safety for me. Also, to keep me from being involved, I used humor, (I was lucky that I was quick and fast, so that I could run away) and sometimes I had to stand my ground. My parents were very strict and controlling, more than any of my classmates. They also were not huggers. I don’t remember getting a lot of human touch! I felt isolated! When it came time, I worked hard, skipping the 12th grade to get my credits early. So at 17, I graduated high school ahead of my class, and on that day, I left to live in a hippie commune. There, I began to develop a Spiritual Awakening, as touch became a part of my life! I went on from there to be the only one in my immediate family to graduate college. Writing is what led me to be a high school English teacher. After teaching through the 70s, I moved from LA to buy a home in Santa Cruz. There, I drove the bus, so that I would have time to write instead of grading papers! Bus driving in the majestic Santa Cruz mountains gave me more time for my creativity and allowed me to meet the most valuable people in my life! One of those persons is my wife, Maya, who is my muse. Together, we started a multimedia business, creating mythical and metaphysical merchandise. Collaborative creativity is the ripple resonating our company, “Harmonic Hart Visions”, inspired by the positive energy of those we touch! My poetry has been in numerous Publications and recently, I’ve had my third book of poetry published. Presently, I am editing a fourth and a fifth poetry book. Aside from being a poet, I have been a photographer, videographer, musician, composer, and a counselor.

Creative Talents Unleashed: So when did you fall in love with poetry or writing in general, when did you decide this life was for you? Tell us a bit about that discovery process.

Justin: I started writing poetry at the age of 14 to have a voice. I wasn’t exposed to many of the stereotypical things other kids got into and my parents didn’t celebrate the holidays with any religion or spirituality. Greek Mythology was my first experience with fantasies and stories! I read nothing of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Mother Goose, none of that, didn’t believe in any tooth fairies or Santa, because my parents were straight up and said those weren’t real. This reality created a need for self-expression! I’ve been studying the greats and honing my craft of wordsmithing ever since!

Creative Talents Unleashed: Why do you write, what is it that you’re trying to communicate through your work?

Justin:  I write to poetically release my emotions, while sharing my visions of life from a creative perspective and to offer insight, accompanied by my passionate desire to bring spiritual inspiration for the treasures that tide within all of us! The first poem in my book, “The Dawn of Pondering Passions” creatively speaks of this:

“Drawing Literal Lines”

Within life’s penned poetry,
my acquainted world of words
have become refined friends
with each linear letter,
while wise words,
like blatant birds,
flock forever together,
migrating as they meander
towards poetic phrases
which directly draws
the literal lines,
through careful consideration
and sentient sensitivity,
as every lasting line
is a current course
from our sacred source.

~Justin R. Hart~

Creative Talents Unleashed: Where does your inspiration come from, what might inspire you at any moment to write a story or poem?

Justin: Inspiration comes from many sources! My poetry creatively explores the depths of consciousness and the disposition of character within the human attributes of reason and morality! I am enthralled by the concepts of duality and the metaphysics of the cosmos, concerning our purpose for this finite mortal journey and spiritually beyond the Infinity of Eternity!

The Dawn of Pondering PassionsCreative Talents Unleashed: What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

Justin: The most difficult thing about writing this book was in choosing which poems would be included and then, because I’m always re-editing, finding a stopping point to move on! Each poem has a life going through its own evolution! Also, getting the flow for every poem’s order and their formatting ready for presentation was a main focus!

Creative Talents Unleashed: What was the easiest thing about writing your book?

Author: The easiest thing about writing this book was being in its flow of inspiration and channeling the energy of the messages!

Creative Talents Unleashed: There are many authors who say that in the process of writing a book you learn things about yourself. Did you learn anything in your book writing process about yourself, if so what?

Justin: I grow spiritually when writing poems as their evolution becomes my evolution!

Creative Talents Unleashed: What in your view is the role or responsibility of a writer or poet, if there is any?

Justin: The goal of the role and responsibility of any writer is to instill inspiration for new perspectives from the concepts and ideas within each writing!

Creative Talents Unleashed: What are your ambitions as a writer, where do you hope to see yourself in say 5 years?

Justin: My ambitions as a writer is to keep evolving with the desire that my poetry will graciously embrace each reader with some enlightenment and insight into a new passion for life!

Creative Talents Unleashed: Who is your favorite writer or poet? Perhaps you have a favorite quote from them that you would like to share.

Justin: Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets! He was able to be deep, using nature’s symbolism, yet still be concise with meaning! Here’s 2 great examples of his clever quickness!

“Forgive oh Lord, my little jokes on thee
and I’ll forgive thy great big one on me!”
“We dance around a ring and suppose,
but the secret sits in the middle and knows!”

Creative Talents Unleashed: What advice would you give to aspiring writers who have dreams of publishing or making writing a career choice?

Justin: The advice I would give to an aspiring writer with career dreams of publishing is to write about what moves you!  Write for the purpose of your own motivation and not for the goal of publishing! Write for the passion of it and not for the possibility of earning money!

About the Book: The Dawn of Pondering Passions

Yet, amongst the rise of nocturnal tides, my once ebbing heart bleeds from different sides.”  Ebb and Flow by Justin R. Hart

 A poetic kaleidoscope, Hart has crafted a compilation of poetry and prose, steeped in very clever alliteration, fabulous metaphors, fantasy narratives and ethereal love poems.

A feast for readers of any genre, the poet has sated all tastes, with his varied subject matter, albeit his political views, spiritual revelations, mythology and the deepest truths of his heart.

Hart is a spiritual man with a poet’s soul.  His words call to the subjective eye, plucking from his skillful use of words, its hidden meanings therein.  The pieces compel the reader to revisit many of his works, finding within them new twists, new turns.

A triumphant debut, we see the scope of Hart’s wonderful abilities and skill.  A book for all lovers of poetry, there is something within for every reader!

Brenda-lee Ranta, author of a Soul Passenger

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  1. Justin Hart is a master wordsmith with an incredible artistic ability to create poetry for the soul! I am grateful to have purchased his most recent book “The Dawn of Pondering Passions” (already a grateful owner of one of his previous books: “Harmonic Hart Visions of Goddesses, Angels, Mermaids, & Fairy Tales”).. I know his writing style is a panacea for the times, and he delivers again with this most recent creation. As a reader, it is joy when poetry becomes experiential.. discovering with each page a flow and a rhyme brought through by a poet who carefully deliberated crafting each word and each concept in each line to resonate and vibrate on the highest frequency.. with reoccurring themes of Duality and beauty and gratitude, each stanza has the ability to generate epiphanies in a myriad of ways depending on the reader and, depending on the day.. definitely a book not to be missed.. I give it 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! I absolutely recommend this book to the most sophisticated of poetry appreciators and to those for whom poetry is a new appreciation..


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