Awake by Tracy Seiden

It was 2 am and she was awake again having drifted off only hours before, the night young and she so tired of the struggle. Thoughts racing, her mind a torrent of ideas, what ifs, why cant’s and more.

Where was he now? On the other side of forever lying awake, his mind also a runaway thief stealing his ability to remember anything but the race.

She dreamed in hues more vivid than Technicolor, her mind like a broken and haunted projector playing for her a movie of what was, what could have been flashing images through her mind never ceasing, never losing momentum like a wind up toy from hell pulling her back from blissful darkness to sit hollow eyed and staring; destined to remember all he could not, yet powerless to remind him.

It was 2 am and she was awake again.


© Tracy Seiden


Excerpt from the book “Moon Kissed Musings”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and


About the Author

Tracy Seiden lives in Texas.  She works in disaster assistance helping others regain their homes after disasters such as flooding and hurricanes.  Her desire is to retire to live in a cabin by the water somewhere, able to look out over the water and write.

Her first book, Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic was published in November of 2015 and has received excellent reviews and won the honorable award in 2016 at Readers Favorite.  Tracy’s second book of poems delves deeper into thoughts of love and loss.

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