New Release “Storage Chamber” by Jeffery Martin

Storage ChamberIntroduction . . .

Author of ‘Weapon of Choice’ and the motivational quip book, ‘Jus Sayin,’ Jeffery Martin has penned another extraordinary book of prose. Borne of a deep soul and profound wisdom, Martin has gifted his readers with a beautiful new vision into the stirrings of his mind.  Reading these works, I was filled with many “epiphanies,” while pondering questions without answers, as in the piece, titled, ‘Child.’

This book is for all people, for all that is diverse and for the underdog we pray to triumph. Jeffery Martin is steeped in his understanding of the tenor of his black history, the tenor of a heartless politics and subjugation of women and children. The malaise of a society which is doing yet one more round in inequity, is now being called to groggily awaken to these realities.  While a people were enslaved and all women were made to keep silent, the punishment for secretly reading the written word was met with harsh punishment. Martin depicts the sheer magnitude in the power of words.  Hence, the desire to keep the downtrodden stupefied in ignorance is plainly understood.

“I truly do understand the importance of your ignorance, for in it you will never transcend mediocrity, will never stand amazed by what springs forth from your engaged magnificence”

An odyssey for the mind, do not overlook the beautiful tributes to a mother, tender renderings of love and admiration for a woman within these pages.  Through every day of stepping forward, then taking two steps back, Martin urges us to get moving in the business of living.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of A Soul Passenger

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