New Release “Depths of The Soul” by Elizabeth Diane Daniel

Depths of the SoulBook Description: Elizabeth Daniel, is known for ‘keeping it real.’ She holds up to her reputation, in this, her second book of prose.

The author weaves her words, borne of innocence, yet packed with shocking wisdom. There are no clever metaphors to decipher, there is no ambiguity in her writing.  Her prose is contrived from the ‘depths of her soul,’ with unabashed authenticity.

Ms. Daniel has an inner passion that permeates beyond her; it is palpable. Her works range from an intense love of a child and her family, to addressing the blatant propaganda and advertising; which control the social mores of society.  She speaks of fame as being transitory and illusive, holding a realism in her views.

Her depth of emotion and longing scream from the pages:

“What would they say, if they knew my insecurities, if they could taste the tears?”

This is a book that urges the reader to return to innocence of youth, never fearing to be as a child and experience magic again. In a world that tries too hard to impress, this is a plethora of love and passion, packed with a punch. I would describe her works as a bouquet of daisies with rose blossoms hidden within.

Elizabeth never disappoints – her writing is always truthful, simply a beautiful thing to behold.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Allegories

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