Inspiration Call: “Acrostic Poetry”


Inspiration Call: “Acrostic Poetry”, Write the title vertical on the page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one word or a very short word, just one that you want to get a certain feeling across. Remember, even though acrostic is a different type of poetry, it’s still poetry! They can still have the same poetic devices every other poem has. Add the lines of your poem to the acrostic. Your lines will begin with the corresponding letter of that particular line. Each line has to relate with each other line, and the acrostic letters must also relate to each other.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. ~ Self Discovery ~

    Searching for purpose in life’s agreements
    Expecting great things to unfold along this journey
    Lessons learned each and every day
    Faith keeping me alive, holding my hand along the way

    Day in and day out I find reasons to be in love with life
    I couldn’t imagine life any other way
    Surrounding myself with positive influence
    Cause that’s the only way to live
    Open to new perspectives
    Vowing to live a life that remains consistent both
    Externally and internally and always
    Remembering my blessings while
    Yearning to be the best me along the way. . .

    I journey in self-discovery each and every day.

    © Raja Williams

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  2. A Gilded Cage
    Am I so naive that I will not know when

    Glowworms beckoned me to a velvet trough?
    Incantations this pink, yellow and green combo
    Lingered on; turned into whispers of restless shadows,
    Deluded my senses like a yoyo as
    Euphoria coursed through my vein in a
    Distended logic of the flesh. Yet as my

    Cosmic dust navigate mercilessly into this chasm,
    A disturbed soul; unfettered – no face, no essence
    Guileless, gibberish looked back with
    Eyes devoid of emotions dulled into a welcome stupor.

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