Introducing Susan E. Birch “Ancient Whispers”

Ancient Whispers

Foreword . . .

 The first clue of the profundity of this book of poems is the title “Ancient Whispers”. The title sets the tone for the book. One gets the feeling, as they are reading these wonderful selections; they are being handed down wisdom from an enlightened viewpoint. They are being given wisdom that has been earned, gathered over many hard years, walking and watching down many weathered footpaths. Other clues are woven throughout the pages of this fine book that Susan has composed. One that resonated with me was “Ancient”. It begins with these four lines:


I am made of earth and dreams,

Of stardust and possibilities.

Oceans exist within my soul

And moonlight fuels my flight.


The rest of this magnificent poem is for you to discover in your journey through these pages; however, I will say the ending is amazing.

Ancient Whispers” is divided into five sections: Poems about Poetry, History and Mythology, The Night and the Ocean, Earth and Environment, Eclectic – Poet’s Choice. Each section is unique in its characteristics yet fits so well within the overall message of this book. I have my favorites in each section “A Midsummer’s Nightmare”, “Stone Circle”, “Pangea Lost”, “Child of the Dark Moon” and few other gems. There is so much to learn for the reader that will listen to the whispers.

D.B. Hall, Author of Pebbles in the Stream


Preface . . .

I have, since I started writing poetry, written about anything and everything. I have visited most genres and practiced many styles. History and Mythology have always had a special place in my heart and have often influenced my writing. From the moment I was old enough to understand what the word ‘ecology’ meant I have expressed my love for our wonderful but besieged world and have, of late, become something of an armchair eco-warrior. I am also an insomniac so the night, moon, stars and universe inspire me and feature regularly in my poems. Other than that, I write whatever the muse throws at me – sometimes there are things that I just have to write down whilst they are in my head.

I hope you enjoy your journey through my work.

Susan E. Birch

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